Friday, October 9, 2015

Kansas Barn Sale, 2015

Well, a week ago tonight, I was packing up the van, driving to Hesston, and stressing about how I was going to set up our booth!  Despite my nerves, lack of sleep, and the chance of rain, we ended up having a terrific day last Saturday at the Kansas Barn Sale!  We were met with such positive and kind words from new shoppers, as well as our awesome repeat customers!  The day turned out to be beautiful (minus the slight wind that blew Kansas farm dirt all over everything)!  Year three of being a Barn Sale vendor was a success!  Thank you to everyone who looked at our booth, shopped at our booth, and gave us such encouraging comments about our products!  It really means a lot! 

 Remember...our next event will be the Hope Mennonite Church Craft Bazaar on November 14th!  We hope to see you then! 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crunch Time, Baby!

ONLY 3 DAYS until the KANSAS BARN SALE!!!!!  Mom and I have been working like crazy getting everything ready for Saturday!  I have been checking the weather forecast daily, and it seems to be improving...YAY!  (Now there is only a 20% chance of rain, instead of 60%!!) and it will be nice and cool!  A perfect fall day for shopping!  If you get a chance, COME SEE US!!

I think we have most of our products finished!  Now to get everything packaged and priced, and the most stressful part for me...figuring out how to get all of this stuff to fit in our booth!  

I hope to see you on Saturday in Hesston!

Monday, September 7, 2015

This Season's Products!!

Mom and I have been working on our products for this season!  (We tend to also have a little bit of fun in the process!)  Here are a just a few photos showing some of the the things we've been up to!  Check out our Facebook page to see more!


Seasonal Blogger

Well, I have come to one conclusion...I am officially a seasonal blogger.  I don't want to be a seasonal blogger, but that's what I am!  I want to blog about Random Road Creations on a very regular basis, but after two years of blogging (or rather having a blog but never updating it very consistently), I have now realized that I generally only blog when things come right down to the wire, a.k.a craft sale season!

I really do have good intentions!  Once the craft sale season comes to an end in December, I think, "Oh, I'm just going to take a little break during the holidays and then start blogging again."  However, in December is a little holiday called Christmas, which tends to be very time consuming for me!  After Christmas, I think, "Oh, it's only January, I have all the time in the world to blog about Random Road Creations."  However, January turns into February, which turns into March and April, and before I know it, my boys are out of school for the summer and then my available blogging time is reduced considerably!  So here I's early September and I am cramming for the upcoming craft sale season!!

Speaking of which, The Kansas Barn Sale is coming up quickly!!!!!  Please come see us on October 3rd in Hesston for a day for food, fun, and amazing finds!  (More info. on that coming soon!)


Friday, November 7, 2014

Hope Mennonite Church Craft Bazaar

Please visit us at the Hope Mennonite Church Craft Bazzar tomorrow!!!!  If you need more pot holders, gifts for teachers, Christmas gifts, or stocking stuffers, this is where you need to be!  And don't forget...the food is YUMMY!!

Peppernuts, Bierocks and Crafts, oh my!
See you there!

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Upcoming Events!

I think I've finally recovered from the Kansas Barn Sale a couple of weeks ago (but my house has definitely not recovered yet!)  Even so, it is time to look forward to upcoming events!  We were scheduled to be at the Holy Cross Lutheran Shopping Bazaar this weekend, but due to some family events, we won't be there after all.

However, we WILL be at the Hope Mennonite Church Craft Bazaar on Saturday, November 8!  This will be our third year at the bazaar, and we've had a wonderful time!  Not only will there be other craft booths, there will be food, food, and some more food!  And let me tell is GOOD food!  Peppernuts, bierocks, baked goods, sloppy joes, and lots more will be there to enjoy!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Kansas Barn Sale 2014

Wow!!!  What a weekend!  I'm absolutely exhausted, but had a wonderful time at the Kansas Barn Sale!  Mom and I (as well as the other vendors and the Barn Sale Chicks) had absolutely no idea how many people to expect to show up at the sale, so when THOUSANDS of shoppers showed up, things got a little crazy!  Mom and I were overwhelmed with the amount of people coming to our booth, and grateful for everyone who purchased our items!  Even though the lines were long and the room to move was very limited, everyone who came to our booth was friendly and patient.  THANK YOU!!!  We learned things that worked well for us, and things that didn't work so well!  Each sale, fair, and bazaar that we participate in helps us as we try to understand this whole crafty business thing!!

My plan was to take a few photos of some of our shoppers in our booth, but due to the amount of traffic coming through, that didn't happen!  So, here are some photos from our booth before the craziness began!

Thanks again for all of your support!